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Quelques témoignages touchants de nos clients.

Pourquoi nos clients sont-il si fidèles?

Un client sur trois est avec nous depuis plus de 20 ans.

- Nous partageons des conseils éclairés comme un aimable voisin. Vous ne communiquez pas avec un centre d'appels. La durée de votre appel ne dépend pas d'une machine qui ne considère que le rendement comme objectif
- Nous recommandons la police qui vous convient. Nous prenons le temps de poser les bonnes questions. Ainsi, votre police n'est rien de moins que ce dont vous avez besoin. Et rien de plus.
- Nous allons jusqu'au bout pour vous aider et défendre vos intérêts lorsque vous effectuer une demande d'indemnisation. Un simple appel suffit.


“Dear Lynn,
Thank you so much for calling me after my Dad’s death. …It meant a lot to my family... Thank you very much for your assistance and that of your team. You have no idea what a pleasure it is to call a place where there are knowledgeable, dedicated people to help answer questions and concerns.”

Helene Klammt, Pierrefonds, QC Customer since 1972


“…I see insurance as something that is necessary and must be used in a wide variety of areas. Eyton-Jones takes care of all of my personal and professional insurance needs… in a personal way that makes me feel well taken care of. I’d recommend Eyton-Jones to anyone looking for a brokerage company that cares about getting you the very best coverage for the best price possible.”

Pat Theriault, Propriétaire Laveurs de Vitres Étudiants Qualité


“For over 30 years, Eyton-Jones Assurance has provided us with a team of fantastic people. …It’s nice to know that you are taken care of when you reach out to the team at Eyton-Jones. We thank you for your service and would recommend your services to anyone needing a broker.”…

Louise Decelles, Directeur Finance Plus II Sanitation

... I place added value on always being able to talk directly to my insurance broker (…and not just a disinterested call-centre rep.…).
My broker at Eyton-Jones knows my file and is always helpful and courteous as my needs and insurance change with time. …Eyton-Jones now handles my family’s private insurance policies as well.”

Karl Wockner, Propriétaire Beaconsfield Construction


« Nous faisons affaire avec Eyton-Jones Assurance depuis plusieurs années déjà. Leur équipe nous offre un service rapide et fiable. Ils sont toujours là pour répondre à nos questions et nos requêtes, le mieux et le plus rapidement possible. Je vous recommande fortement à faire appel à leur service, vous serez entièrement satisfait. »

Claudine Lapierre, Comptes recevables, The Aquavap Group


“In a word, I would describe the customer service of Eyton-Jones Assurance as 'exceptional'!
Every request made to Eyton-Jones has been responded to quickly and efficiently...”

Bryan Amyot, Président Amyot& Co.

“We, at Cunninghams Pub, are pleased to note our satisfaction with the standard of service offered by Eyton-Jones Assurance. This company focuses on our specific needs… The staff in charge of our account are very knowledgeable and very informative. They have, on several occasions, searched for and acquired better yearly rates as well as better coverage. … On several occasions, Lynn and her team have supported Cunninghams Pub in various events… As Cunninghams Pub grows, so will our relationship with Eyton-Jones Assurance.”

Jim Beauchamp, Propriétaire et gérant Cunninghams Pub Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Hudson, Huntingdon

‘I was referred to Eyton-Jones Assurance by a family friend… Since that time, I could not be more pleased with the performance and service I have received..
Since changing over to Eyton-Jones Assurance, my insurance rates have significantly dropped… They have also been good in providing advice and explaining recommended insurance for travelling. I would highly recommend the services of Eyton-Jones Assurance to anyone who is in the market for the best insurance rates and service…”

Robert Tyndall, Président Les Entreprises Robert Tyndall Inc.

““For years now, the Lakeshore Soccer Club… couldn’t be more grateful for the continued support we receive from them year after year, especially with our Super Sonics Soccer Program. This program (designed for children with special needs) depends largely on subsidies, as such, to run both its winter and summer seasons.
So on behalf of all our Club athletes and families alike, thank you for helping us offer all we can to our membership, and we hope to have you on our side for many years to come!”

Kelly-Anne Soutter, Directeur Générale – Lakeshore Soccer Club

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